Deadly Dozen 2

More than 103,000 readers devoured New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Deadly Dozen and clamored for more. Now, The Twelve presents Deadly Dozen 2!

Jack in the Green
Diane Capri
FBI Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar track Reacher’s past in Tampa, the last place Reacher visited before his debut in Lee Child’s Killing Floor. Reacher’s retired Army Colonel has returned to MacDill Air Force Base sixteen years later, an easy target for his enemies. Including Reacher, who always shoots to kill.

Off The Clock
Brett Battles
A warning: Don’t mess with Quinn’s friends. If you do, he’ll find out. He’ll find you. No matter who you are or where you go. Because even when Quinn’s off the clock, there’s work to be done.

Cry Wolf
J. Carson Black
Laura Cardinal, Arizona DPS Criminal Investigator, investigates the homicide case that leads from violent death in a sordid motel room to a high-end prostitution ring in Las Vegas. Laura follows the trail – until she confronts true evil behind the mask.

Bed of Bones
Cheryl Bradshaw
Sometimes the deepest secrets find a way to the surface…Willie Compton and his brother found a mine shaft while hiking the hills in 1956. Now, Melody Sinclair awaits her film’s debut at the Sundance Film Festival. Based on a true story, Park City’s past invades its present.

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The Rancher

therancherThe deal was to share the ranch, not her heart…

ABBY MCCALLISTER can ride and shoot better than any man she’s ever met, but when the threat of losing her ranch forces her to find a husband, she is unprepared for the mysterious stranger who takes her hand and evokes in her a sudden desire to be a lady fit for his arm.

He’d sworn to protect her. He couldn’t do that if she married someone else…

COLE REDBOURNE, immersed in guilt over the accident that claimed his best friend, discovers there was nothing accidental about it. When he sets out for Silver Falls, Colorado, to fulfill his friend’s dying wish and to flush out his killer, the last thing he expected was to find hope again disguised as his impromptu bride.

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Rockin’ Romance Boxed Set

rockinromanceSeven sexy rocker romance novels by your favorite authors, all in one box set for a limited time only.
Don’t miss your opportunity to score over $20 worth of books for a fraction of the price.

Blind Attraction by Eden Summers
Back-Up by A.M. Madden
Sizzle by Lexi Buchanan
Drowning by Rachel Firasek
Wicked Innocence by Missy Johnson
Lifeless by J.M. La Rocca
In A Heartbeat by Hilary Storm

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Unexpected Superhero

unexpectedsuperheroNewlywed Tori Lewis wants nothing more than a quiet life with her hunky new husband. She doesn’t expect to walk into a robbery right after her honeymoon. But even more shocking is her discovery that she stopped the gunman with a super power! How did that happen?

Undercover superhero Joe Clarke and his team are investigating a string of missing children. When the father of a lost boy turns up dead, the team must decide if the death is related to the disappearances – or to the super villain group, The Nine.

Meanwhile, Tori decides to try out this superhero thing. She needs a mentor, so she asks Superhero X to help, the only superhero she’s ever met – and the only one she’s ever kissed. As they work together, Tori worries that the superhero is getting too familiar. How can she be attracted to one man when she’s wildly in love with another?

Will she have to choose between her husband and her destiny? No one warned her that love would be so complicated!

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The Power of Patience – 96 Traits of Highly Effective People: A Dip In the Minds of Successful Folk, From Leaders to Laymen


This book features the most distinctive characteristics of extraordinarily effective people, from leaders to regular folk.

In this book we tear down the cliche that says ‘faster is better.’ No, slower is better and more effective in the short, medium and long terms. We delved into the minds of highly strategic people to understand what sets them apart from the rest of us. The lessons we learned can be applied in all aspects of life, from business and career planning to politics, social activism, nonprofit planning and relationship counseling.

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Wished Away (A Broken Fairy Tale)

wishedawayImagine that you were married to the love of your life and had a happy family. Now imagine everything was destroyed in an instant, making you question who you are and how you can possibly go on once the one person you truly love is gone.
It is a rare thing to find your soul mate, but Jess found true love in Dave when they were only teenagers. They’ve built a happy life together in a small shore town, becoming pillars of the community and making everyone around them envious of the perfect life they have built together. Their love is something that seems like it can only exist in a fairy tale. But what happens when the fairy tale is broken?

Jess has always been the life of the party, and Dave was always there to reel her in and keep her safe. But one night, while on duty as the town Sheriff, the unimaginable happens, altering the directions of their lives forever.
Jess is now forced to dig deep in her soul and find herself again. When love tries to chip away at her frozen over heart, she struggles to fight the guilt of moving on while keeping the memory of her perfect love alive.

This is a story about finding love, having it all taken away, and discovering that moving on doesn’t mean forgetting the past.

This is the second book of the A Broken Fairy Tale series, but can also be read as a stand alone.

Type N

typenWhat would you do if your blood could cure cancer? 18-year-old Nicolette Talloway is the target of a worldwide manhunt because of her blood type. When delivered via transfusion, her blood heals any ailment a human has and strengthens their immune system. The cure for cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other previously incurable diseases is running through her veins. Her blood is the only type of its own known to exist. As a result, Nicolette is no longer a private citizen but is the world’s most wanted and sought-after human being. As she runs from government appointed agents, the question begins to shift from what her blood can do to why she has it. Is this a gift from God? And if it is, what does he want her to do with it?

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Deadly Talley

deadlytalleyWe all have bloody thoughts.

Dean Talley is a homicide investigator feeling the flames of career burnout closing in.  After years of standing over the wreckage of human cruelty he finds himself just going through the motions.  This ends the day his wife is carjacked and placed in an induced coma.  With his wife’s life tied to machines, Dean sets out to render his own brand of justice.

Talley is willing to turn his back on the law and what’s left of his career. He balances nursing his wife with his search for those who attacked his wife. He creates his own system of jurisprudence. There are no motions, deliberations, or plea bargains in Talley’s court, only the verdict and passage of sentence. Come along for the ride. Wait for the unique twist in the story as it unfolds.

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Pearls of Pleasure

chantillywhiteFirefighter David Coffey and his childhood sweetheart, Gwen, had the perfect marriage–until a deadly blaze almost cost them everything they cherished and left their small town in mourning.

Three years later, David is recovered from his injuries and back at work, but Gwen is falling apart. Debilitating panic attacks strike whenever they make love, driving her away from David and threatening the heart of their relationship.

As David and Gwen struggle toward a solution, one question burns in their minds–will their sensual treatment plan save their once fiery passion, or will the flames of Gwen’s fear devour their sex life and incinerate the bonds of their marriage?

Pearls of Pleasure is 45,000 words, or about 145 pages, with a spicy heat rating.

A standalone novel set in Big Bear Lake, California, Pearls of Pleasure is part of the Passion For Pearls series, which can be read in any order. Also in the series: Pearls of Wisdom, an historical romance novella set during WWII, and Pearls of Passion, a contemporary Valentine’s Day-themed romance short story. Another historical novel, set in 1930s New York, Pearls of Persuasion, is coming soon.

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Head Games

headgamesSuccessful Park Avenue psychiatrist Dr. Jonah Hoffman leads a fairly normal life-a good practice, a loving wife and children-until he takes on a dangerous new patient.  At first Robert Kolfax, CEO of a Blackwater-like private security firm with secret ops all over the world, seems like a powerful but troubled man in need of Jonah’s help.  But Jonah soon discovers that Kolfax is a sociopath.  A mass murderer.  And what’s worse, he’s untouchable, operating in a jurisdictional bubble.

In an effort to aid his country, Jonah becomes a secret government operative, answering to the shadowy Mr. Price.  But Jonah’s undercover operations quickly begin taking over his life, putting himself and everyone close to him in danger.  To survive he must leave the safe confines of his Manhattan office and plunge himself into a world of terrorists, mercenaries and spies, and outwit them at their own game.

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