Destroyed by Lies

destroyed-by-liesTara’s marriage began to deteriorate soon after it began. As her fifth wedding anniversary arrives, Tara is determined to fix the damage and rekindle the love affair.

Brad could not wait for his military deployment to end so he and his fiancé could begin their lives together. His future plans crumbled the afternoon he found his fiancé in the arms of another man. Unwilling to risk further heartache, Brad abandons his dreams of starting a family and focuses his energy on his career.

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The Byzantine Connection

byzantineBook 3 of Stella Hunter Myth and Legends Series

As national newspapers report of a Fountain of Youth in Detroit’s St. Hedwig’s Cathedral, Carter is only too aware that all is not as it seems-despite witnessing the so-called miracles with his own eyes.

Forty-eight hours later, as he emerges from life-saving surgery, Carter realizes that this is no miracle, but a deadly force preying on hopes and dreams-with the clock ticking, there’s no time to lose.

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Loving Lilah

loving-lilahOn the run from the law … and falling in love.

Lilah Canton never expected to see her childhood neighbor Ash Thompson behind bars. Even more, she never expected to care. Ash needled her all through their childhood.

But discovering him in the Barden Falls jail stuns her. He’s accused of murdering the son of Abner Barden, the most powerful man in town, and they both know he won’t live to see a trial. Lilah’s the only one who can help him. Against her better judgment, she aids Ash’s escape.

Now they’re on the run from the law, and a bounty hunter they can’t shake. Ash says they’ll be safe in the Colorado Territory, but first they have to survive the harrowing cross-country journey.

And Lilah has to decide how safe her heart is from Ash.

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Protecting the Dream

protecting-dreamDetective Jordan Delany is back and contemplating her most challenging mission to date-moving in with Tyler McGee.

After receiving commendations for their last successful drug bust, Jordan and Ty are planning a vacation.
Or are they?

Jordan allows Ty to keep their destination a surprise. But instead of whisking her away to a warm Caribbean beach, as her not-so-subtle hints alluded to, he detours to an old estate that he has loved since childhood and asks her to move in with him.

Sparks fly when Jordan is blindsided by Ty’s proposal.

He wants to buy the aging horse ranch, start renovations, and begin a life with Jordan. But can Jordan overcome her deepest insecurities and commit to living with Ty? And if so, will she be able to navigate the one other minor hitch: the spirit inside the house who is determined to show Jordan the home’s deadliest secret?

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Born Again American

born-again-americanCorey Adams once believed she could accomplish anything. She took that belief to college, but like many people, when bad things continued to occur in her life, she fell into the safety net provided by the US government’s welfare system. As the years passed, she came to rely more and more on Uncle Sam’s help. She lost her drive, her ambition and her love of life… that is, until Aaron Billings showed up at her door. The two set off on a jeep adventure to explore America.

The Book: Born Again American was originally written as a story line for the Shelley Laine song: Born Again American. Like many inspirational tales, the short story got a life of it’s own.

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Rack and Ruin – A gripping private detective mystery thriller

rack-ruinReports of dark, depraved acts at an ancient ruin. Private detectives Eva and Dan are hired to investigate…but the lies run deep in this little old town. And one young girl is in deadly danger.

Fans of  Rebus, T J Brearton, Janice Frost, Holy Island and Angela Marsons will love Rack and Ruin… A thrilling, page turning short read with a cliff hanger ending, continuing in a thrilling mystery mini-boxed set.

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ice“A gripping novel that combines archeological, historical, scientific, and romantic elements to create a thrilling, strong story. Authentic characters, all-too human relationships, adventures and mysteries transport readers into past, present, and future events–a wonderful discovery for this reader, who cannot wait for more!”
The Columbia Review

“We are writing with some fabulous news! Your book has been named the Winner in the ACTION/ADVENTURE category of the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.  Congratulations!”

Next Generation Indie Book Awards

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rebirthIn a place known only as Eden, Doctor Abigail Brennaman wakes to find herself alone and isolated after a terrible accident she barely remembers.

Terrified, she struggles for understanding as the surreal situation stretches the very limits of her imagination.

After an unseen host reveals that she has been in cryonic suspension since the accident, she discovers she is not alone in this living nightmare. There are other subjects.

What Eden really is, why Abigail and the others were brought here, and what they should do next are questions that will haunt their every waking moment.

As the unusual host shares revelation after revelation, they must decide together what to believe and what action to take – accept or defy. As the truth comes to light, they fight to hold onto the past while faced with an unpredictable future and a very threatening present.

With every mind-boggling revelation, they find themselves further from the life and world they once knew and closer to the truth that may destroy them. Their final decision leads to an intense battle for survival with a shocking outcome.

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Until The Last Sunset

until-last-sunsetCatherine Williams appears to be a normal, attractive young housewife. She has a lovely home, a devoted husband and drives a classic sports car… But appearances can be deceptive. She has an incredible secret; a secret that she has had to try and hide for over three hundred years.

Tragedy tears her world apart; it also briefly thrusts her into the spotlight and brings her to the attention of people who have been looking for someone just like her.

Sean Pendle is a ruthless and violent car thief. He has spent his itinerant life indulging his passions for expensive cars, and women, with little thought for how he comes by either.

His travels happen to bring him into contact with Catherine, who finds his attention far from welcome.

But it seems that on this occasion he has definitely picked the wrong girl at the wrong time.

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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

coffee-roasting-made-easyCreate a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry. Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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She Let Herself Go

sheletherselfgoWomen like Elizabeth Lane were never supposed to find themselves in places like these. Dark places filled with shady characters, hell-bent on her destruction. Up until now, she had always played it safe. She had no business being on the bad side of town; in a place where a woman was a thing to be claimed, then used and abused. All she had wanted was one wild night to help her to forget all about her cheating husband, and the shattered heart he had left her with. What she got instead was something out of every woman’s worst nightmare.

A snap decision, a shady bar visited, and a man unlike any she had ever met before, all take her on a hard ride that has her questioning everything she thought she knew about life and herself.

Jezze Jamez Greyson was everything your mother would have warned you to stay away from if she hadn’t been so busy trying to get with him herself. Having been rode hard and put away wet by half the well to do women in town, Jezze Jamez no longer felt like he was anything worth having, and he damn sure didn’t want anything worth keeping. That was; until she walked into the bar, leaving him with no choice, but to play a role he was never meant to play. Hero. He couldn’t stop himself from coming to her rescue. But now that he had, what was he supposed to do with her?

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Jack Ryder Mystery Series 1-3

jack-ryderFrom the Amazon ALL-star Bestselling author Willow Rose


Ben should be in school. It’s Monday morning but his parents haven’t woken up yet after a night of heavy drinking. Ben waits patiently, even though he knows he is missing out on today’s field trip to the zoo. But, when his black Labrador suddenly runs upstairs and comes down with a finger in his mouth, Ben knows he’s not making it to school today at all.

Detective Jack Ryder is chaperoning his kids’ field trip when he gets the call from the head of the Cocoa Beach Police Department. A body has been found and they need his help. Soon, Jack finds himself up against a killer, a predator who ruthlessly chases women and kills them so they can never leave him. The case soon causes serious consequences for him and his family once the truth is revealed.

With her new hero, Jack Ryder, as a loving father and committed detective, a new location in tropical Florida, and a story that moves at an incredible pace, Hit the Road Jack is Willow Rose at the top of her game.


They take turns with the knife, cutting their thumbs open. A drop of blood lands on the dark wooden table. Eyes meet across the room. All four thumbs are pressed against each other one by one. Blood is shared, secrets buried.

Years later a brutal madman sprays bullets into a crowd at a movie theater in Miami and sends a chill through the entire nation. When human remains are discovered in the dense forest next to a biking trail in Brevard County, it is only the beginning of a series of gruesome murders, which will shock the entire Space Coast.

Detective Jack Ryder is preoccupied with Shannon King and the strange email she has just received that leaves her terrified just as she prepares to go on stage at the Runaway Country Festival. Jack Ryder senses the connection and soon he realizes he is on the hunt for a serial killer with a killing spree that spans over more than a decade.

It’s spring-break in Cocoa Beach ” and evil is lurking everywhere.

Slip out The Back Jack is the second novel in Willow Rose’s series about Jack Ryder, a devoted father and committed homicide detective.


Scott Kingston is afraid of monsters. He thinks they’re lurking outside his bedroom window at night when his mother tucks him in. He asks his mother to keep the light on to scare the monsters away. But that light is exactly what lures the kidnapper to his window and the next morning, Scott Kingston is gone.

Twenty-eight years later, Vernon Johnson is released from jail after spending the biggest part of his life on death row, convicted of having kidnapped and killed Scott Kingston. As so many times before, he has appealed his case, but this time, the judge decides to let him go. A witness has finally told the truth, and there is no longer sufficient evidence to keep him in jail.

But shortly after Vernon Johnson is released and has returned to his childhood town, another child disappears, and soon all eyes are on him”again.

Jack Ryder is getting ready to build the house of his dreams, while hoping that Shannon won’t end up in jail for the murder her ex-husband committed. She is expecting their child and the pregnancy, along with the worrying, takes a toll on the both of them, especially when a dark secret is revealed about the lot where they are preparing to build their house.

The House that Jack Built is the third novel about Detective Jack Ryder and his girlfriend, the country superstar, Shannon King.

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The Gender Experiment

gender-experimentWhen bodies with unusual traits show up in the morgue, intern Taylor Lopez is alarmed enough to dig into the dead people’s profiles. After discovering they were born at the same clinic two decades earlier, she investigates further and uncovers a shocking list. With the realization that more gender-fluid people are targeted for elimination, Taylor kicks her investigation into high gear. But Major Blackburn, the researcher who conducted the experiment, isn’t about to let anything interfere with his plans and sends out an assassin.

Soon Taylor is in deep trouble and needs the help of FBI Special Agent Bailey. As Bailey scrambles to track down leads, events spin out of control and she finds herself blocked at every step by powerful military forces. With the clock ticking on Phase 2 of the experiment, can Bailey and Taylor uncover the truth in time to save the other young subjects?

“One of the best thrillers of the year.”-Readers Favorite Awards

“So packed with page-turning action, it’s like taking a ride on a bullet.” -Andrew Kaufman, bestselling thriller author

“The Gender Experiment is riveting and original, with non-stop, heart-pounding action. I fell in love with the characters and can say unequivocally that this is the best book I’ve read this year.”-J Carson Black, NY Times best selling author

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Wind Riders, Book One of the Fallen Lands Trilogy

wind-ridersYoung Cat Calhoun’s carefully sheltered life takes an extraordinary turn after a fateful—and near fatal—encounter with a beautiful woman and murderous giant. Forced to labandon his uncle and their modest farm, naive Cat finds himself thrown into a new world of pirates, politics and prophecies.

Mentored by the infamous Captain Dante D’Arc aboard The Chimera, he lives and learns with a special breed of men far removed from the thieving profiteers of song and legend. Instead, he finds himself fighting alongside selfless heroes willing to give their lives in ending a rising threat to the Fallen Lands fragile peace.

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True Ghost Stories and Hauntings, Volume IV: Chilling Stories of Poltergeists, Unexplained Phenomenon, and Haunted Houses

true-ghost-storiesTrue Ghost Stories and Hauntings, Volume IV, is the fourth in the extremely popular series of books featuring true ghost stories and hauntings by Simon B. Murik who is the son of a long line of mediums and sensitives. If you enjoy ghost stories and reading about paranormal experiences, you will love this book. Get ready for chills and goosebumps as you read about haunted houses, poltergeists, and other unexplained phenomenon! Get your free copy today!

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The Tour

the-tourEvery week Conor O’Shea collects a new group of American visitors from Shannon Airport from where they embark on a high end voyage of the ‘Real Ireland.’ But this particular tour, with its cast of unintentionally hilarious characters, presents seasoned tour guide Conor with dilemmas that render him speechless for the first time in his life.

Among this eclectic group are Corlene, a gold-digging multiple divorcee on the prowl; Patrick, a love-starved Boston cop; Dylan, a goth uilleann piper; Dorothy, a poisonous college professor who wouldn’t spend Christmas; Elliot, a wall street shark who finally shows his true colours; and then there’s Ellen, back on Irish soil after so many years, to discover a truth nobody could have guessed, least of all herself. And that’s just a few of the colourful cast.

The locals they meet on their journey, eccentric West Brits, passionate musicians, Ukrainian waitresses and Garda high flyers all help to make this a tour no-one will ever forget.

And of course there’s Conor O’Shea in the thick of it all, solving problems and mending hearts, but what about his own?

This is a story filled with romance, humour, history, culture and a little bit of mystery all against the backdrop of the beautiful and inspirational Emerald Isle

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