Death Whispers

death-whispersVictoria- the young lonely girl who recently took her life in her hands and is fighting for her goals- is coming face to face with a paranormal event in a dark road on her way home.

From that night her life changes completely. Now she has a mysterious hot creature as her stalker. She must learn to live with the war inside her. What is she going to decide? Will she escape from his mischievous ways or surrender herself to him and the temptation, with the danger to lose her soul? Only one thing is sure. He is going to destroy the world as you know it so far.

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Freedom Square: A Gripping International Thriller

freedom-squareEx-elite agent Jenna Royal will stop at nothing to track down the sister who betrayed her. But who else is she willing to risk?

Eastern Europe stands on the brink of a new Russian invasion. Insurgents and fake protesters stir up trouble on the streets. A mighty Russian war machine is poised across the border.

Determined to stop protest turning into a bloody invasion, Jenna, Eva and Dan must use every tactic tin the book… and even then it may not be enough.

Overwhelming odds and a burning desire for revenge work against them at every level.

If you enjoy high-octane, page-turning, adventures, this is for you. Freedom Square is a thrilling short read series with an explosive ending. If you love the Jet series, Konkoly, Dawson and Reacher, you’ll love FREEDOM SQUARE.

This is a short read with cliff hangers.

More Free Jenna Royal action is available in The Last Line – look for the boxed set at Amazon.

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Lacy’s End

lacysendFor most of Lacy Waldrip’s life, she and her mother, Brenda have suffered abuse at the hands of the man who is supposed to love them, cherish them, and protect them. To make matters worse, their abuser wears a badge and uses it to keep his deputies from interfering in his right to discipline his women. Both women have accepted, each determined to stay in the relationship to help the other. Then one day, the sheriff goes too far and Lacy and Brenda end up in the hospital where they meet Dr. Allen Petoro. Together with a determined social worker, Angela Martin, Dr. Petoro vows to help the two victims break free of their abuser. However, Sheriff Peter Waldrip isn’t going to let his family go that easily.

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Ascension Day

ascension-dayLawyer Jac McElroy’s first big case is a no-hoper: to get a pardon for a man set to be executed in just fifty days …But Jac’s hungry to make his mark and he knows something just isn’t right about Larry Durrant’s murder conviction.

Trouble is, everyone thinks Larry’s guilty, from the Louisiana Governor right down to the accused, who has confessed to the crime and now wants to make peace with his maker. Working alone, Jac soon discovers that someone doesn’t want anyone -especially a lawyer – digging around this case. And they’ll stop at nothing to make sure Larry’s execution goes ahead on schedule. Now Jac must decide whether he’s prepared to risk his career, his reputation and his life to save a man who, by his own admission, is a murderer…

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Regency Rakes Boxed Set

regency-rakesThree Captivating, Regency Romances, by best selling author Wendy Vella.


Tthe Duke of Stratton is shocked to learn he has a fiancee he’s never met. Forced to wed Miss Eva Winchcomb, can they make their marriage real despite coming from two completely different worlds?

Winner: Romance Writers of New Zealand Clendon Award for a full-length romantic manuscript.


Miss Claire Belmont’s life is thrown into turmoil when she finds out her brother left something behind in France before he died. Going against her family’s wishes, she vows to uncover the secret of what it is, and is forced to turn to the one man she vowed to avoid at all costs for help. Claire has always feared that if anyone can disrupt her well-ordered life and see the vulnerable woman behind the polite facade, it will be Viscount Kelkirk and now they are thrown together, she realizes her fears were justified.


Seven years after her disastrous debut, Miss Patience Allender has reluctantly returned to society to chaperone her sister. No longer the meek, mild Miss, she will never again allow a man to humiliate her. However, Patience’s resolve is severely tested when she comes face-to-face, with the very man who shattered her heart. Desperate for help when her family is thrust into danger, Lord Belmont is the only one she can turn to – but can she do so and keep her heart whole or will he destroy her once again?

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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

coffee-roastingCreate a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry. Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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The Stand at Fosters Field

stand-fosters-fieldWhen high school freshman Jacob Miller and fellow classmate Angie Swenson meet at a secluded deer hunting stand over their summer vacation, they set off a violent chain of events that will haunt them both for the rest of their lives.

In the years following the untimely death of her mother, Angie has endured increasingly brutal and unspeakable abuse at the hands of her father and older brother.

Timid and withdrawn in the few social interactions she is allowed outside of the family, Angie has become a pariah at school and is seemingly resigned to a life of lonely, quiet suffering.

Despite Dale and Mark Swenson’s violent reputation in dealing with interference in “family matters,” Jacob–self-assured and hopelessly infatuated with Angie’s sad, damaged beauty–reaches out to her on the last day of school, asking her to meet him at the stand. She initially demurs, but as the summer advances, Angie relents and a secret, healing friendship with Jacob is born.

But as their connection grows, her brother Mark learns of Angie’s furtive visits to the stand, and when he arrives there early one morning to confront her, a deadly encounter ensues that will echo in the lives of Jacob Miller and Angie Swenson forever.

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Choices: Volume II of the Lincoln County Law Trilogy

choicesJ.T. Lockman faces the challenge of a lifetime when he is appointed to enforce a teenager’s fundamental privacy rights while also representing a man charged with murdering his gay lover. He must face his own prejudices about issues that divide public opinion as his cases progress through the judicial system and come to terms with choices that matter and choices that don’t exist.

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Hidden Dragon

hidden-dragonMy name’s Mei Walker, and everyone wants me dead. Well, maybe not everyone, but some days it feels like that. Worst thing is, no one will tell me why. I’m not even sure my protectors actually know why.

The Earthbound-the secretive organisation that’s after me-has spies everywhere. I’ve been in hiding ever since I can remember, and I’ve never felt completely safe. We move regularly from place to place, and I can never be sure if the next person I meet will be the one who betrays me.

To discover the secret behind their relentless pursuit, I have to make it to my twentieth birthday-that’s when supernaturals come into their full power. It’s not long now, but the Earthbound are stepping up their game. It’s going to be fifty-fifty whether I make it.

Truth is, I know I’m not special. The Earthbound have made a mistake. If I can stay safe until my birthday, I can prove them wrong.

How hard could it be?

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6 Sweet Romances

6-sweet-romancesThe Carringtons of Destiny Bay, like most rich, influential people, are good-looking, fast-driving, hard-hitting men and women whose impulses lead them into trouble every time. Some have losses, some have resentments, some have been hurt–and some feel sinned against at times. They all have passionate goals that land them into tough situations–and they all fall in love much too easily. But they all have good hearts–and usually do the right thing in the end.

These are a few of their stories.

A runaway love is found, only to be lost again. to fear and misunderstanding. A young, naive cat burglar has a confrontation with an experienced conman, working undercover. Which one will fall in love first? A physical therapist just beginning her career gets a most difficult client-will she heal his body only to see him risk his life again?

A champion swimmer who must choose between the man she loves and the goal she can’t live without. A young actress playing the part of butler and living the life of loving the boss. A psychologist who catches a thief, then finds herself caught up in his world.

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Chicaspotting: A Field Guide to Latinas of the United States

chica-spottingHow can you find and identify the right Latina to date, love or marry when the United States includes such an increasingly wide and confusing diversity of them?

Three-time #1 bestselling author Joe Bovino’s latest #1 bestseller, Chicaspotting: A Field Guide to Latinas of the United States,combines the accuracy and precision of a bird guide with beautiful illustrations, outlandish observational humor, and keen cultural insights on every page. It’s the ultimate chicaspotting companion for dating in the United States.

With its user-friendly trait charts, promiscuity ratings, range maps, and detailed descriptions of distinctive physical characteristics, behavioral tendencies, chica magnets, mating habits, and more, this incredibly well-researched guide is all you need to successfully locate, identify, and date Latinas from 14 distinct American subcultures (or “species”).

If you’re easily offended, this book isn’t for you. But if you like to laugh, this “funny because it’s true” guide will give you hours of entertainment and serve as a handy visual reference tool for dating in America.

The sooner you get your copy of the first field guide to Latinas of the United States, the sooner you can become even more proficient at chicaspotting, play the American field like a pro, and make more informed decisions about the right chica for you.

Play the Field. Choose Wisely. Get the Guide.

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Once When We Were Human

once-when-humanIn this long short-story, ‘Once When We Were Human’ the world has been divided into Dogs and Wolves. The powerless and the powerful. Unlike other dystopian tales of totalitarian governments imposed on society.

The oppressive measures have been voted in by an apathetic mass excepting their fate and the destiny offered by their masters.

‘Once When We Were Human’ is inspired by Animal Farm, Brave New World and 1984. Justin the main character is a dog unconcerned as this Brave New World takes shape around him. As long as the working day is short and he can play his video games he’s not bothered. If it wasn’t for the protests from his wife Karen and her ‘artistic friends’ he’d gladly sip cocktails out in the back yard and give up all his rights. Heidi and Beauvoir are their academic neighbors who waste their time arguing about philosophical points while their best friend, Karl, a conceptual artist, keeps getting locked up for his absurdist performances. Karl is an antagonist to Justin. He has something Justin wants; fearlessness. Joe the Jew reminds us of a history we have forgotten and how the problems of the past can easily be committed again.

‘Once When We Were Human’ looks at what it is that makes us human and what it means when we no longer utilize the extra faculties of our species to make a difference in this world.

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High School Dance

high-school-danceFew times in life are more memorable than our school years. Humiliation, heartbreak and failure are abundant, and that’s on a good day. No matter who you are, coming of age is exciting, confusing and sometimes downright dangerous and High School Dance, the sequel to Starbuck O’Dwyer’s award-winning memoir about his elementary school years, perfectly captures the agony and the ecstasy.  This collection of meaningful, memorable and hilarious stories will leave you laughing out loud and remembering what it’s like to be young, wild and free.  Highly recommended.

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Requiem (A Kate Redman Mystery: Book 2)

requiemWhen the body of troubled teenager Elodie Duncan is pulled from the river in Abbeyford, the case is at first assumed to be a straightforward suicide. Detective Sergeant Kate Redman is shocked to discover that she’d met the victim the night before her death, introduced by Kate’s younger brother Jay. As the case develops, it becomes clear that Elodie was murdered. A talented young musician, Elodie had been keeping some strange company and was hiding her own dark secrets.

As the list of suspects begin to grow, so do the questions. What is the significance of the painting Elodie modelled for? Who is the man who was seen with her on the night of her death? Is there any connection with another student’s death at the exclusive musical college that Elodie attended?

As Kate and her partner Detective Sergeant Mark Olbeck attempt to unravel the mystery, the dark undercurrents of the case threaten those whom Kate holds most dear…

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