13 Myths of Weight Loss

13mythsHave you felt like you were doing the right things to lose the extra pounds, but you were not seeing the results? Are you actually following weight loss myths?

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The Lost Twins of Zilonia

losttwinsHere is a little scoop from the story:

It was a mark, an unspoken threat, yet sufficient to warn of the dangers to come.

Little does Lisa know, but this camping trip will become the biggest adventure of her life.

Alexa looked at them, curiosity mingled with distrust.

Jack is one seriously hunky high schooler. He may have found the romance he was hoping for, but can he trust her?

Grinage will stop at nothing in his quest for more power.

While Kace and Orion may look identical, they couldn’t be more different from each other.

There was a time when Sebastian was first in line for the Zilonian throne, but that time is long past.

They must decide if they are willing to put aside their desires for the greater good or if selfishness will rule their hearts.

It’s unclear just how far Ms. Clarantia will go to care for her family–can Alexa and Lisa trust her to keep their secret?

But servants always know their masters’ secrets, and Victoria is holding onto more secrets than anyone.

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Live Alcohol Free – Your Last 100 Days Alcoholic

last100daysRead yourself sober with this proven self help guide.  Gain the skills and strategies to give yourself the best chance of success when you hit the 100 days countdown – so you can start sober life and stay sober for life!  Full of real life nuggets of sober wisdom from Bren Murphy’s popular sober blog – Live Alcohol Free reads like a memoir but packs the punch of a self help book.

Your 100 day countdown starts NOW!  Read yourself sober – you can do it right with a PROVEN PLAN to succeed!  Follow my own self help coaching plan – and implement a living action plan to succeed and change your life.  You can Live Alcohol Free and begin your Last 100 Days Alcoholic today – download the first book in the series today for FREE.

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