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A Good Boy

The night Wesley’s wife died changed his life. Now, three years later he takes a job as a brand new pastor at an old church. Young, inexperienced, and unprepared, Wesley dives into the task of saving a dying church while coming to grips with his past and discovering his own capacity for love. Then, a teenager commits suicide and Wesley’s world is turned upside down once again. Mitford, this ain’t.

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Empty Envelope

Amazon Bestseller

If you’ve ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t, there is hope…just ask Trina & Jett. They’re both married when they meet at their kid’s summer camp, but sparks fly. Jett tries to control them because of his faith, but Trina has no such constraints. She tries to push the envelope and their star-crossed adventure begins.

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You Can’t Do it Naked – from Exposed to Fully Clothed in the Armor of God


Do you struggle with depression or anxiety; have relationship difficulties; are you consumed with negative thoughts of self-worth or fears?

Are you tired of fighting the same emotional battles over and over?
Do these struggles leave you feeling frustrated, exhausted, and defeated?


What if I told you there is a scheme designed to distract you from overcoming, and this deception keeps you from becoming empowered and having an abundant life?

The battle is spiritual; so are the weapons, and you can’t fight your enemy unprotected.


Identify the real enemy and expose the schemes and deceptions you are truly fighting
Transform yourself into a powerful emotional warrior
Teach you how to become fully clothed in the armor of God
for protection
to conquer your enemy
to live in freedom and abundance

What’s stopping you from overcoming your struggles and exchanging your life of battles for one of freedom, empowerment and abundance? This book will help get you there.

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Hidden Thrones

hidden-thronesA new award winning series from author Russ Scalzo.

A supernatural thriller. A titanic clash between good and evil.

Jack Bennett has an unusual gift. His coveted ability means he is the FBI’s newest hire, serving as a consultant for their new Paranormal Division.

The government is convinced we are not alone in this world. With invisible forces all around, agencies are seeking how to harness that power for their own uses. The mystery swirling around the unseen and unknown has caused much speculation. Some suppose lost souls are wandering the earth, others believe deceased loved ones never truly moved on, and still there are those who are convinced that aliens have infiltrated our world.

Jack Bennett knows better. He knows who and what these powers are. The ancient scriptures talk about a great evil that was conceived in the depths of eternity. There, a great war occurred in a place called Heaven. Lucifer, the ancient serpent, the evil dragon of folklore, was cast out and bound to the earth and confined to its surrounding atmosphere.

Could it be that the evil we see is inspired by a dark kingdom, a demonic spiritual force at war with the human race? Could these princes and rulers of darkness be influencing our world today? Jack Bennett knows this is the truth. He knows because he encounters them every day.

Follow Jack Bennett as he battles the realm of Hidden Thrones.

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Millie’s Miracle (Christmas Babies Mail-Order Bride #1)

Pregnant Millie Callaghan didn’t ask to be married to an Irish mob boss. But she didn’t realize how dangerous a man her husband was until she caught him beating an innocent man to death.

Fearing for her child’s safety, she files for divorce and flees west, seeking help from a small-town Arizona sheriff who proposed to Millie’s cousin…and doesn’t know that he’s about to be turned down.

Millie’s only hope is to disappear until her ex-husband gives up the chase.

Sheriff Aaron Coburn isn’t expecting a pregnant woman to waltz into his office and tell him that his marriage proposal to her cousin has been rejected. Or that she’s on the run from the mob and needs his help.

But he’s a man of conscience. A man who could never walk away from a woman in distress….

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Luke’s Wipeout

lukes-wiipeoutHaving led a sheltered life and now turning sixteen, home-schooled twin Luke Addison finds himself engaged in heated sibling battles as his parents leave the twins home alone for the final week of summer vacation.

Their sharp differences intensify when a city-wide disaster lands orphaned brothers, Pedro and Jose on their doorstep, in need of shelter, medical care and a place to hide.

The wonder years come to a screeching halt as they battle and pray their way through a confusing maze of fresh responsibility, romance, temptation, bodily harm, a house fire, a night in jail and more!

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Remember to Forget

remember-forgetOne morning changed everything about her life.
But could it also set her free?

Graphic designer Maggie Anderson has lived under her boyfriend’s tyranny for nearly two years…until she’s carjacked in New York. Will this terrifying experience be the end for Maggie-or the beginning of a freedom greater than she dares imagine? To gain that freedom, she’ll have to remember to forget everything about her old life…

Trevor Ashlock is existing, day by day, in the little town of Clayburn, Kansas. Surrounded by too many painful reminders of all he’s lost, he fills his time with work, trying desperately to forget. Then a compelling and lovely stranger shows up in Clayburn and turns Trevor’s world upside down.

This novel was originally published in 2007 under the same title.

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A NEW BEGINNING (Blended Blessings Book 1)

a-new-beginningSometimes love doesn’t work out the first time. Or the second. Now in her third marriage, Angelia is hoping for her happily-ever-after with former pro-football player Darren Holley. But soon after they move into their sprawling mini-mansion, Darren’s new job as a high school football coach in a trophy-hungry Texas town consumes him, leaving Angelia feeling like a single mother to her two children as well as Darren’s twin diva-daughters. Not to mention the drama from Darren’s mother, who can’t get over the fact that her son has married a woman with so much baggage.

When Angelia confides in a few ladies from the local church, their nice, sweet, holy-wife advice may prove ineffective and too burdensome. Should Angelia cut her losses and get out before the ink settles on their marriage certificate, or will she finally learn the true meaning of marriage as she and Darren attempt to blend two very different backgrounds in the face of adversity and nosy church folk?

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Love on the Range: A Looking Glass Lake Prequel

love-on-the-rangeA plucky city girl.  A tough cowboy. Romance in cowboy country.

When a crisis cripples the ranch, stern cowboy Jett Maddox is suddenly promoted to foreman.  Just in time for the fall cattle drive.  No sweat. Except for the new spitfire cook who is way too soft for wild country.

City-girl Marlee Donovan knows failure.  She’s already on her second career, and her family is sure she’ll fail again.  But plucky Marlee packs up her chef’s knives and heads west for a cook’s job on a ranch anyway. She’s ready to prove herself.

As Marlee struggles with the hardships of life in the west, Jett finds himself falling for her. And Marlee is drawn to the unexpected soft side of the gruff cowboy.

But when tragedy at the ranch escalates, a difficult decision must be made…and Marlee’s stubborn streak could cost her everything.

Love on the Range is a prequel to the Looking Glass Lake series of contemporary Christian romance.

If you like sweet and clean love stories with quirky characters that get you laughing, then you’ll love Rebecca Nightsong’s world of imperfect people who dare to put their faith and love in action.

Readers of Karen Witemeyer, Brooke St. James, Kimberly Rae Jordan, Liz Isaacson, and Lucy McConnell will love this book.

Saddle up and enter cowboy country to start this love story today!

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Dipped in the Fire

dipped-in-fireNew Amazon Bestseller!

Preacher’s kids, Money & Melissa, have been going to church all their lives; Wanza & Yteesha, not so much.  But none of that matters if Mother Whatnot’s conviction is true: “Everybody at church ain’t in church.” Their lives happen to intersect when Melissa, oh, so sweetly, steals Wanza’s ambitious, empire-building husband, Douglas, who also chairs the Finance Committee at True Vine Ministries, Inc. It’s not the first time finance has turned to romance, but it certainly turns up the heat when they all find themselves…Dipped in the Fire–a story of great tragedy and great joy!


The Toby the Trilby Trilogy

toby-trilbyOwn all three of the books the Toby the Trilby adventure series. Join Toby, the boy with cat ears, as he learns lessons of faith and truth in a post-apocolyptic world. Includes “The Amazing Adventures of Toby the Trilby,” “The Further Adventures of Toby the Trilby,” and “Toby the Trilby and the Forgotten City.” Recommended for ages 9 and up.

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River of Danger

river-dangerDallas reporter River Montenegro returns to her small town to aid her father, a recovering alcoholic. After a series of scary events, River knows the infamous Smiling Killer wants to make her his next victim. She grudgingly accepts help from her childhood friend and first crush, Jacob Forrester. Will Jacob and River solve the mystery of the killer’s identity in time to have a second chance at love?

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LIGHT of the World

light-worldThis one-act play explores the triumph of Christ’s LIGHT in a world ruled by the Prince of Darkness, Lucifer himself.

It’s God’s Son vs his Fallen Angel, for the souls of mankind but who will the people trust? Lucifer has plans to make even Jesus’ greatest witness, John the Baptist doubt he is the Christ, and while the Pharisees continue to do his bidding, he’s got even bigger plans for Judas.

Enter the Word of God clothed in flesh, filled with grace and truth, Jesus. He cannot fail, for who he is the one who pleases God, destined to be the LIGHT which “shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not.”

Read. Explore. Review!

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When Love Happens Again

whenlovehappensagainWHEN LOVE HAPPENS AGAIN takes place fifteen years after Dr. Jennifer Hunter lost both her husband and sick child. She is a psychologist with a successful practice and a weekly talk radio show where she helps others deal with the issues in their lives.

Widower Alex Brunsman is a building contractor who helps Jennifer with the renovations of her old farmhouse. There is instant attraction between the two, but Jennifer is determined never to marry again. Alex finds tearing down the walls in Jennifer’s house is easier than breaking through her protective shell. The charming Alex is determined to show Jennifer that life, and God, can offer more than she can dream.

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Once Again: an inspirational novel of history, mystery & romance

onceagainHistory professor Merrideth Randall uses her secret time-rewinding computer software to virtually travel to the past. The trouble is, her handsome colleague, physics professor Brett Garrison, is far too curious about her activities—and intent on romance, despite the fact that dating would be career suicide at their small college.

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