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Paleo For Weight Loss: The 14-Day Healthy Eating Plan; Find Out If Paleo Is Right For You

paleoPALEO – you’ve heard the buzz. So what is Paleo? Can you lose weight on Paleo? And is it right for you?

Paleo for Weight Loss: The 14-Day Healthy Eating Plan will show you how to adopt a Paleo lifestyle in order to feel healthy, lose weight, and increase your energy level. Developed by a renowned professional chef and author of the top-selling Paleo Easy as 1-2-3, this comprehensive guide will help you decide if the Paleo lifestyle will work for you through a 14 day healthy eating plan.

Set yourself up for success with a Paleo shopping guide, 14 days of menus with easy to follow recipes and a list of Paleo-recommended foods plus a list of what food items you should avoid.

Enjoy Paleo-friendly versions of over 50 delicious recipes for every meal, created and tested by Chef Donna Leahy and accompanied by mouthwatering photos for each day of the challenge. Lose weight while enjoying every satisfying and delicious bite. Chef Leahy’s detailed instructions and easy to find ingredients will have you cooking like a Paleo pro in minutes. Get your copy today and start cooking restaurant quality Paleo dishes that are easy to make at home.

Here’s what’s included:

An Easy to Understand Explanation of the Basics of Paleo

Detailed Lists of What Foods are Included and What Foods are NOT Included

14 Days of Menus, Recipes and a Detailed Shopping Guide

Chef Tested Recipes with Easy to Find Ingredients

Dairy free, gluten free and grain free

99 Cent Bargain from January 26 – 27, 2015

RAW VEGAN On The Fast Lane

rawveganThis is a 65-page smoothie handbook that I have created with 23 amazingly quick and super delicious smoothies recipes to help reach out to all you busy raw vegans out there and to better manage your health, mind and body!

Understand that in our modern era, most of us are too busy dealing with our daily commitments, neglecting our health and reaching out for the wrong foods. These power smoothies give you more time to spend with your family yet feeling energetic and happy all the time!

There are 3 types of smoothies (Detox, Nourish and Sweet indulgence for sweet tooth cravings), focusing mainly on fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to guide raw vegan “freshmen” and help “seasoned” raw vegans lead an exciting raw vegan lifestyle! Dairy free, gluten free, wheat free and refined sugar free, guilt Free! Bloating and indigestion days are gone for good!

I will also share with you my personal story on how I started going raw, of course, these things do not happen overnight. If you are new to being raw, this book will be a great guide to start off going raw. But if you have been a raw vegan for a while now, this will give you more ideas on making your smoothies interestingly delicious!

Lets go Raw for Real, slowly but surely. Like I always say, it can only get better. Never a dull day since.

Must-Try Smoothies below and many more!

Sugar Plum
Summer Beets
Grapefruit Cooler
Bittersweet Dino Kale

99 Cent Bargain from December 11 – 14, 2014