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Get Strong Get Lean: A Year of Barbell Training, Intermittent Fasting, and Eating Lots of Protein

Are you tired of books that make it seem easy to get ripped, toned, and healthy? Discover real-world solutions through one man’s journey to fitness and nutrition.

Do your exercise plans always end in disappointment? Have diet fads left your body back at square one? Chad V. Holtkamp has been there, and he’s recorded every misstep and victory lap to help you skip straight to what really works.

Get Strong, Get Lean explores a year-long fitness journey from personal turmoil into a healthier tomorrow. Through a unique fitness memoir style, Chad explores barbell training, intermittent fasting, and protein-rich diets. By detailing the highs and lows of his efforts, you’ll find your own keys to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

In Get Strong, Get Lean, you’ll discover:
– How to use goal setting to prepare for your long-term success
– What steps you can take when daily life gets in the way of your fitness
– How to diet without depriving yourself of the foods you love
– How reporting progress updates to a personal coach or ally can be your shortcut to success
– Why beating yourself up over failures won’t solve your fitness problems, and much, much more!

This inspirational fitness memoir is the standalone finale of the Home Gym Strong series, which proves through its ups and downs that you aren’t alone in your personal health endeavor. If you like actionable advice, honest portrayals of fitness struggles, and resources that don’t skimp on the food, then you’ll love Chad V. Holtkamp’s fit and funny guidebook.

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13 Myths of Weight Loss

13mythsHave you felt like you were doing the right things to lose the extra pounds, but you were not seeing the results? Are you actually following weight loss myths?

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Ketogenic Diet: The Essential Guide to the Best Low Carb Diet For Weight Loss

ketogenicdietYou’ve heard of low carb diets before, but what makes them effective? how are they different from other diets and why do they work? you are about the unlock the answers.

The goal of this book is simple. First I want to teach you everything you will ever need to know about the ketogenic and low carb dieting. I will guide you through the basic theory, as well as outline the positives and negatives of undergoing a low carb diet. Next I will teach you how to motivate yourself to start a diet such as the ketogenic diet, how to set goals, and how to motivate yourself to achieve results. Finally, I have provided delicious easy to make recipes, as well as a list of high quality power weight loss foods that will not only make your life healthier, but make following the ketogenic diet a breeze.

The purpose of this book was to create an all encompassing book on the ketogenic diet, and if you purchase now, you will become one step closer to a healthier life.

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