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The Replacement Chronicles: Omnibus Edition Parts 1-3

Two Lives… separated by millennia but nevertheless linked irrevocably. In their respective times, Raven and Mark embark on travels they can no longer avoid, crisscrossing the same ancient lands, although thousands of years apart.

Pregnant and seeking the Neanderthal man whose arm she’d healed, Raven faces her fear of being alone on the steppes. She begins crossing that grassy land-but a woman like Raven isn’t fated to be by herself for long.

In the future, Mark Hyatt takes his own journey when his uncle dies in the Levant. His travels place him firmly in the footsteps of his Neanderthal and Early Modern Human ancestors, as he struggles against the fate a wayward cousin has imposed. He’s a pawn in a cruel game, but when he encounters a woman being held prisoner in a cave, he seeks a way to save them both.

Peoples come and go, one group replacing another over time, and echoes from ancient events have always affected the future, but Mark and Raven discover that in certain environments echoes are able to bounce back and forth, blurring their origins.

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To all appearances, Seth Tatton is a middle-of-the-pack attorney just keeping his head above water. But he has a side job, killing people for shadowy cabal of politicians, billionaires and military leaders. With each assignment, he learns more about their plot and their aims, and he grows more intrigued.

Even in his secret life, things are not what they seem, because there’s something inside of Seth. And it has big plans for him, plans that it and others like it have nursed for centuries. But when Seth is assigned to watch a troubled young woman, all of those plans fall into question.

WINDFALL was named a semi-finalist for the 2013 Horatio Nelson Fiction Prize.

“Colin Dodds is an American author of note – and one whose novels continue to reveal that he is likely to become one of our premiere writers. WINDFALL, while a mesmerizingly fascinating and addictive story, steps beyond the usual campfire-cum-barbershop tales spread around town or discussed in literary circles… (I) encourage those whose hunger for the new in writing will be stimulated to become submerged in this very contemporary landfall of a book. Colin Dodds has arrived.”

-Grady Harp, Literary Aficionado

“WINDFALL is not your typical political thriller. Dodds deftly weaves in a solid paranormal thread that explores ambition, myth and morality in an indifferent America without resorting to pulpit thumping or cardboard villains.”
-The New Podler Review of Books

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Another Broken Wizard

Jim Monaghan really didn’t want to go back to Worcester, when sudden unemployment and his father’s surgery forced his hand. Drifting into a dubious ICU romance while he tends to his father, Jim seeks out his childhood best friend, Joe Rousseau, who has problems of his own. Joe’s in a feud with a local gang, and his plan to resolve the matter only makes things worse. Nonetheless, Jim follows his friend into Worcester nights defined by drugs and violence. As the danger escalates, he makes a painful choice to try to save Joe. A book about the threshold of childhood and adulthood, about straddling the expectations of a fading industrial home and the attenuated promise of an information economy, about reconciling the love for a friend with self preservation, Another Broken Wizard is, above all, a portrait of Worcester, Massachusetts.

“… exceptionally vivid characters, a story which sneaks up on you at first, then gathers pace, and the book has tight writing which keeps you turning the pages right until the profoundly moving denouement. Simply put, Another Broken Wizard is brilliant. Read this book!”

-David Gaughran, author – A Storm Hits Valparaiso

“Dodds gets Worcester and shows it in all of its glories and cracks… He runs through the streets of and takes the reader with him… capturing all of the said and unsaid… so full of waiting, of pain, and of hope that never reaches past the next day.”

-Worcester Pulse Magazine

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The Last Bad Job

It’s a hell of an assignment: Five months on a New Mexico desert compound to cover what could be the next Jonestown. For one reporter, it could be a career-maker. But when a cult member close to him drowns herself, he flees, setting unimaginable events into motion.

From the author of the widely acclaimed novels Another Broken Wizard and What Smiled at Him comes The Last Bad Job-a book the late Norman Mailer touted as showing “something that very few writers have; a species of inner talent that owes very little to other people.”

Praise for The Last Bad Job

“No one has done the Apocalypse better! From the opening scene to the final shocking line, this book is full of gruesome twists, profound insights, and absolutely brilliant writing. Definitely one of the best books I’ve read in the past ten years.”

-Boston Literary Magazine

“The Last Bad Job is a fantastical trip… I absolutely loved it in a weird crazy way… the characters are what really pulled me into this book… a very realistic post-alcoholic breakdown journalist who is also very introspective and likable all at once… The writing is flawless and the irony of the story is just absolutely fabulous… Colin Dodds has picked up a new fan – I’m definitely going to go back and pick up his prior books and stay on the lookout for more!”

-Kathy LaMee,

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Behind the Eclipse

The unheard from the West African Ebola crisis…

Tamba, later known as George, unveils his jaw-dropping story of surviving Ebola, which is an experience of virtual rebirth. It is astounding to know how he maintains his stamina to continue his journey along the rugged pathway of life as an Ebola survivor for the sake of the two sons left with him after the tragic death of his wife, Aminatta, and the daughter of Kumba, his first love.

This semifiction stretches the full length through the West African Ebola Crisis, revealing the unheard to its readers while challenging the belief that Ebola is new to West Africa.

Ultimately, Tamba wins his battle of life, and he says, “I want my story to be heard by the entire world. Life is a battle, which one has to fight even when in the jaws of defeat, and one can’t be selfish to give it up as it is for those whom we love and care for.”

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That Forgotten Little War

forgotten-little-warIt is 2012, and thirty years have passed since the Falklands War ended. Fourteen people who suffered through the war carry on with their inadvertently intertwined lives, in different parts of the world. Women and men, spies and nurses, soldiers and psychiatrists: some who are level-headed and some who are crazy. There are British, Argentines and even a Uruguayan. Their stories, from before, after and during the conflict, are told in ten apparently independent narratives that draw together to make up a heartrending novel with the structure of a puzzle and the vertigo of a thriller. That Forgotten Little War cannot be classified as a book about war, love, espionage or manners. It contains all these elements, however, as well as a cinematographic beauty and a touch of the perplexing metaphysics that universal literature owes to Borges.

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Five Days Her Slave

fiver-days-slaveKara Daniels had job working for the foremost event planner in the city. It was the perfect position and she was good at it. It had the potential to give her the future she hoped for, but only if she got to keep it.

She made a mistake, it was a blip in a near perfect employment record, the kind of thing most bosses would forgive or overlook. Not her boss, Veronica Winters wasn’t the forgiving sort and she had just given her boss the ammunition for her own destruction. If she wanted any chance at the life she had hoped for, she would have to submit.

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Good Old Boy

good-ol-boyU.S. Senator Bruce Sutton (R-Kan.) is hiding a dark secret. While touting his conservative family values in his reelection campaign, he secretly seeks sexual encounters with men online.

With his Democrat opponent’s ad campaign becoming more personal and viscous, and a blackmailer threatening to expose Sutton’s double life, he spirals into self-loathing and paranoia. The senator’s hypnotic narrative delves into the darkest recesses of his mind as his life spirals out of control.

GOOD OLD BOY, the first novel by Hampton Jacobs, is a perversely fascinating exploration of the dangers of hypocrisy by people with power.

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Dear Nicholas: Memoirs of Life, Love and Friendship

dear-nicholasWith unbeatable wit, Cate and her friends pursue their one true love-their soul mate-their Noah. Their hesitations, desires, and blind-faith leap onto the pages revealing every woman’s optimistic panic as shared by friends. Cate captures years of conversations about loves and friendships-and machinations-in short infectious vignettes that give rise to ever changing maxims to live by, date by, and love by. When Cate’s first love, Cole, tracks her down twenty-five years later, everything points to him being the one-and not just another conversation. BUY NOW

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The Stand at Fosters Field

stand-fosters-fieldWhen high school freshman Jacob Miller and fellow classmate Angie Swenson meet at a secluded deer hunting stand over their summer vacation, they set off a violent chain of events that will haunt them both for the rest of their lives.

In the years following the untimely death of her mother, Angie has endured increasingly brutal and unspeakable abuse at the hands of her father and older brother.

Timid and withdrawn in the few social interactions she is allowed outside of the family, Angie has become a pariah at school and is seemingly resigned to a life of lonely, quiet suffering.

Despite Dale and Mark Swenson’s violent reputation in dealing with interference in “family matters,” Jacob–self-assured and hopelessly infatuated with Angie’s sad, damaged beauty–reaches out to her on the last day of school, asking her to meet him at the stand. She initially demurs, but as the summer advances, Angie relents and a secret, healing friendship with Jacob is born.

But as their connection grows, her brother Mark learns of Angie’s furtive visits to the stand, and when he arrives there early one morning to confront her, a deadly encounter ensues that will echo in the lives of Jacob Miller and Angie Swenson forever.

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Bishop’s War

bishops-warThis fast-paced and action-packed 5 Star suspense thriller (with over 240 Amazon Reviews!) introduces us to Special Forces Sergeant John Bishop, decorated war hero, and nephew of crime boss, Gonzalo Valdez. After returning home from Afghanistan John’s hopes for a peaceful future are quickly shattered when he is catapulted back into the global war on terror through a succession of life-threatening events and corrupt intrigue. He battles against terrorist operatives in New York, a powerful Afghan warlord, and a psychopathic billionaire with powerful White House connections. When John’s uncle gets involved, he proceeds to treat John’s enemies to a bitter taste of mob vengeance. From that point on the ride speeds up and the reader will have to hold on for dear life. This is a thriller not to be matched for intensity and breathless excitement-not for the faint-hearted.

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A Forgotten Man

forgotten-manFor readers of the classic “The Grapes of Wrath,” comes a powerful novel about an American family struggling through the economic hardships of our time.

A Forgotten Man is an emotional tale of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless. It’s a story of one father’s heroic struggle to provide for his family, of one mother’s heartbreaking sacrifices, and the tragic unraveling of a young girl’s once-promising future. The novel captures the unseen impact of the Great Recession on American families and explores the changing relationships between citizens and their government.

The novel follows the Bosarge family – Jack, Donita, and their three-year-old daughter Julia – after environmental regulations force a small town seafood company to close, costing Jack his job and sending his family deeply into debt. As Jack fails to find employment, Donita loses hope and their way of life begins to crumble beneath a society that has forgotten about working class men and women.

Out of their trials and repeated attempts to recover unfolds a sad tale of injustice, hardship, and desperation. Packed with meaning yet plainspoken, A Forgotten Man shows what it’s like to be broken, alone, and forgotten in modern America.

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1600 Trump Avenue-Against All Odds

1600-trumpMaster storyteller, Les Pendleton, creates a riveting prophecy of Donald Trump’s first days as President of the United States. An angry America elected Donald Trump President. He vowed to do what no American President in modern history seemed to be capable of — to unite the country and make it great again. From the moment he took office, the United States would be playing by new rules that put American interests first. Just hours into his Presidency, he is told that although elected President, he would not be in charge of anything. It would take much more than his money, power and charisma to wrestle control from those who were actually in charge. Did Donald possess the innate abilities and instinctive courage needed to undertake an epic transformation in a government that had been grossly manipulated from being “of the people”? The battle lines were drawn for an intense showdown that would reshape American history. Both sides severely underestimated the enemy they would be facing for control of the country. You will discover your worst fears about the government are real.

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What Might Have Been

what-might-have-beenAs a fashion buyer at one of New York’s most glamorous department stores, Dana McGarry is a tastemaker, her keen instinct for fashion trends and innovative ideas coupled with a razor sharp business sense. But like the elegant and conservative store that employs her, Dana is caught between two eras-between being liked and standing her ground, between playing by the rules and being a maverick. Dana is sensitive and beautiful, but what you see is not what you get. Behind the cool and attractive facade, Dana is both driven by her need to control yet impeded by her expectation of perfectionism. As she competes to replace women at the top of their game, she is challenged by jealous colleagues.

And when a wealthy love interest wants to open doors and support her ambition, she embraces Coco Chanel’s mantra of “never wanting to weigh more heavily on a man than a bird.” As the women’s movement paves the way, Dana finds a path to the career she wants at the expense of happiness that was not meant to be.

Steward captures the nuances of 70s life in New York City and provides the perfect backdrop for an independent woman determined to make her mark. What Might Have Been is a story that transcends any period.

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Jack of Hearts

jackofheartsWhen Toby falls in love with Mila, he struggles with the challenge of keeping her safe and unaware of his position as leader of the One Eyed Jacks, who are continually protecting their turf from rival gangs. Their romance twists and turns because of their different backgrounds, leaving Toby to make a decision that will change his life one way or the other.

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Life in Twenty-Something: A Story of Self-Discovery

life-in-twenty-somethingA modern fiction novel with very nonfiction principles and values. It’s a parable, a guiding story about the struggle we all face when looking for our passion and happiness in life.

If you’ve ever believed that you’re destined for something great, and if you’re constantly searching for your purpose, then this novel is for you. Also, if you enjoy observational stories that are chock full of drugs, sex, high-stakes business, money lost, and love found, then this novel is especially for you.

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