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Kids’ Travel Guide – France & Paris

kids-travel-guideThe fun way to discover France and Paris. Enjoy the new family adventure!

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Especially designed for kids:

Everything your kids need to know about France: its geography, flags and symbols, and interesting history, as well as French culture – including customs, language, and even food.

All about Paris: its relevant history, how it looks, its transportation system, and many fascinating facts about the city.

The fun way to enjoy Paris: Leonardo, the tour guide, provides kids with interesting information, fun fact, challenging tasks, useful tips, and exciting quizzes in every site.

From planning and packing to returning home with great family memories and knowledge about the places you visited.

Fun, educational, interesting and engaging your kids in the family vacation.

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Kauai: The Garden Island of Hawaii in Pictures

kauaiKauai, also known as the Garden Island of Hawaii is considered by many as one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Featuring over 95 stunning and dramatic photos, this picture book of Kauai reveals the extraordinary beauty of this Pacific island paradise. See the beaches, Na Pali coast, Waimea Canyon, amazing flowers and plants, views from above, and much more.

Whether you have been to Kauai, or are planning to visit in the near future, or just enjoy looking at beautiful photographs of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, The Garden Island of Hawaii in Pictures will capture your imagination.

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Three Circumnavigations: Flying & Sailing Adventures

3circumnavigationsFLYING AND SAILING

I would definitely not describe myself as an armchair traveler and when, at the age of fifty, I had the privilege of being able to escape the rat race, I took early retirement and realized my dreams. Everyday brought something new: spectacular views and some amazing people. I, and my wife, visited places few others have.

This short piece outlines the adventures I had both in the air and on the sea. My travels took me on a flying safari across Australia, and cruising around the coasts of Tasmania and New Zealand’s South Island. Both spectacular, breathtaking places in their own right. Let me tell you, the rewards outstripped the risks, by a long way.

The journeys were full of fantastic experiences as well as their pitfalls. Join me in my reminiscing and let it inspire you, should you be thinking of embarking on a similar voyage of discovery. Or maybe it will encourage you to start thinking about a new challenge in your own life.

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