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This eBook contains poetry about things inaccessible to Karletta. A self identity, other people and good mental health.

She has occasional feelings of being inaccessible and disconnected from who she knows she is, to friendships and boyfriends, and to her mental well being.

Over the years Karletta has developed times of being confident, positive and sure of herself. She has relished in being intentional, peaceful and compassionate. However, those times of feeling disconnected? They are also significant feelings. She wants to acknowledge them.

It is Karletta’s first book of poetry.

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Magical Love Messages Between Kindred Spirits

Love is the one thing so many of us desire to have in our lives, and yet, it is the one thing we so often fail to achieve. Sometimes we think we have to do or say something to earn someone’s love when what we fail to realize is that love, first and foremost, comes from God. Every kind of love we feel and share with others is a result of our spiritual connection to a power much greater and stronger than all of us.

When reflecting on the nature of this book, I wanted to share many poetic works I have drafted in the realm of love and friendship. I feel they are two sides of the same coin and the very things we need to sustain us and give us life. When it comes to matters of the heart, I have truly had some interesting experiences, so many of which I did not understand, yet the lessons I learned were profound.

The one thing I have learned is that love exists in many different ways and in many diverse forms in the areas of spiritual connections.

If you feel a lack of love in your life or feel you have not experienced the power of spiritual love in its greatest form, I sincerely hope you will enjoy this book, Magical Love Messages Between Kindred Spirits, as each chapter contains a special message of love that will transform your life and your connections with those to whom you feel special ties.

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Living on the Fringe – Poetry for the Outsider – 3 Book Boxset

Book 1: Essential Darkness

Deals in introspective, Jungian philosophy and psychology

Book 2: These Streets Don’t Cry For Us

Gritty and revealing journey on the streets (Both internal and external)

Book 3: Queer Confessional

Confessional poetry dealing with coming out, struggle, and happiness.

My new book is for the outsider; the weird ones, the self-proclaimed freaks.It’s for the unique person who wants to delve deeper inside themselves and perhaps it’s for people who want to feel like they’re part of something they relate to. It’s also for anyone who is looking for fresh, contemporary poetry

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Becoming: The Life & Musings of a Girl Poet

becomingBecoming: The Life & Musings of a Girl Poet is an uplifting poetry collection about living a life of fulfillment.

Becoming is a short collection of inspirational poems and articles about living a life of fulfillment. The author draws upon her own experiences, inspirations, and what she feels most passionate about. The poetry in this book is written about various topics; however, its main theme is about utilizing your God-given talents and gifts in such a way that leads to a fulfilling life. It is the follow-up to her to her award-winning poetry book collection, Unscrambled Eggs.

I’ve always written what was important to me and my life, and that is the primary inspiration for the book.

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