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Choose: Snakes or Ladders

The 1950’s – sex, drugs and rock and roll, but not in the small towns of Australia. This is a coming-of-age saga of a young girl brought up in a punitive sect rigidly enforced by her Aunt Charity. She escapes to a typist job in the city – a step to fulfilling her dreams of being a lady. She is hampered by deep fears of hell and punishment, and utter ignorance of the facts of life. There were lots of jobs, clothes and wealth in the cities, but still men reigned: they desire and decide, while women love and serve. Miss Mitty Bedford knew the outside world through Hollywood movies at the local Pictures, only to find, when her real life starts, that movies don’t tell the whole story. Hints of family secrets undermine her determination. A stalker’s attack clashes with her newfound joy in sensual self-discovery inspired by a crush on her boss, and her love for kind, average Col. She writhes between shame, repentance and joy. Mitty is desperate for liberation, independence and success. She also needs love. What does Mitty choose? This emotional and dramatic journey to win trust, love and independence in the 50’s, will keep readers turning the pages, as well as asking questions that still apply today.

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Ash: Jagged Edge Series #5

It’s funny how your past choices always seem to follow you. But when it becomes a mistake that you will soon regret, there is only one thing you can do ‘Fix it.’ Juliette Daniels wanted to do just that, but every time she tried to do the right thing, she ended up getting sucked in deeper and deeper. Her destiny was not her own and one man controlled it. Her Master
Ash Jacobs was a simple man, hard working with good morals, but the minute he met his sexy new neighbor that all changed. His obsession to find out who she was might have been the one thing to push her away, but there was no way he was going to give up until he found out the truth. Not even Sebastian Collins could stop the desire he had for her.

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